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Welcome to our website!
where we are empowering folks to participate in
The National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA; Public Law 89-665; 16 U.S.C. 470 et seq)
 to preserve and protect  our local western history!

It is the distinction in continuity that identifies tradition.
Emanuelo Sorbo On Liliana Grassi d'Architettura Volume 26-2005

Modern restoration is a discipline based on individual and collective values of life. It studies the monument, paying attention to  all of the historical layers, setting itself on a democratic plane of free choice in a historic space that is a public space, a piece of the site's culture, in which all of its inhabitants are trustees. The discipline of restoration rejects abstract individual formulations of life, to set its goal as the free enjoyment of art by all people; the awareness that this concept produces is a moral exigency to respect human dignity.

Those who work in restoration cannot but cultivate this dignity in an absolutely special way. --

Liliana Grassi- Architect, Scholar, & Professor
at Polytechnic of Milan


Welcome to the virtual home of The Tahoe Foundation!

This is the place where we invite YOU to help us discover
how to preserve
Lake Tahoe's and the West's place in America's Histories 
and the World's Heritage !

Our story begins below................
Our name began as an acronym...Toward Architecture Heritage Outreach & Education..
it has evolved into a new concept in architecture conservation and preservation planning education where we hope .....

To Preserve & Protect America's Heritage thru Outreach & Education

Through Agricultural  Heritage-On-the ground- vocational-to- professional- Education.

With an emphasis on Western America's Role in America's Heritage we are attempting to use

Transit Assets which Help us to do the Outreach & Educating!

moving us 

To describe patterns in Architecture  informing local Heritage utilizing Outdoor Education


Historic Preservation is Not a Partisan Issue
It's  an 
American One !
                                                                       --D. Alexandra T.  Profant, Architect Conservator
Co-Founder & Executive Director of The Tahoe Foundation

 Did you know..

When Federal Dollars are spent on any planning effort there are steps required. 

The first step on behalf of historic preservation begins with 


Establishing Criteria and Standards

where we define what makes up our history!!!

The next step is to conduct an historic resources survey.

These two steps are 


when federal planning dollars are spent,  



are honest 

We have the right to do this!
When done we can then access financial incentives to re-develop and elect to implement or ignore opportunities to restore private and public held property and habitats in order to decide 
whether  to meet the criteria 
 the standard. 
Once the survey is complete then folks may 
dare to exceed it,  celebrate it through heritage tourism/sustainability platforms, interpret it, elect to document and demolish it,
as well as define how and if there is a need to penalize those who ignore these rights when managing public property and planning processes. 

*The  result of ignoring Section 106 (where locals are paid to conduct the historic resources survey) or skipping over it, is the loss of American Citizen's and  Indigenous People's rights and  often ends in the destruction of opportunities for those who may have been empowered to conduct restoration and interpretation on their  private property and were not able to do so, due to agencies and organizations ignoring the requirement to assist locals with completing said surveys.
We as local western Americans cannot afford to lose the opportunity to define our culture and heritage which has played and continues to play a vital role in  galvanizing America's  identity and the ideals which celebrate freedom.  
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In the early 1950's a typical evening's entertainment for Ripley kids was sitting in the bus shelter watching the traffic, in the vain hope that a sports car would go by, and once every six months we might see an Aston Maritn
or a Ferrari, which would make our day.

     Eric Clapton
     Clapton, The Autobiography
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